• When is the Best Time to Buy My New Boat? January 18th, 2017

    Although this may sound odd, if there is snow on the ground and you are thinking of boating this summer there is no better time to buy your new boat than right now for several reasons.

    1. Manufacturers Incentives – The boat builders want orders so they can anticipate material and labor for the upcoming year. With orders I hand, they can begin accurate forecasting. With that said, the incentives and rebates offered during the show season are the best they are going to be all year!
    2. Dealer Discounts – An ordered new boat has not cost the dealer one penny in floor plan, insurance, cleaning, wrapping, etc. Without having to deal with the typical carrying costs, the dealers reward buyers with a deeper discount.
    3. Lending Institutions – If a boat is sold at the boat show, banks typically will lower their rates as well to get the business. Now the consumer can “Lock In" the boat show rate and not have to close until the boat arrives from the factory.
    4. The Consumer – Again, it sounds odd that the best time to buy a boat with a foot of snow on the ground but it’s a “Win-Win" for all parties and that is what makes up a good deal, when all parties involved are rewarded. Now you can get the exact boat you want equipped the way you want it, at the best price and in time for Spring delivery so you can enjoy the entire boating season to the fullest.

    In closing, it is still a process, not an event so please do your homework. Decide what kind of boat is best for you and your family. What is the reputation of the boat line you are looking at? Does the dealership you are purchasing from have a good track record of servicing their customers in a professional and timely manner? All the information is at your fingertips with a little effort and research and then you can enter the boat show knowing what you want and also knowing you will be the best price of the year.