As with car insurance, there are many questions our customers have in searching for a good insurance policy that is both comparably priced and will offer protection for their boat and its passengers. Our first helpful hint in obtaining insurance is to find a local agent, or agencies near the water that are familiar with writing boat policies. If the agent you call is not familiar with writing boat policies, how will they be able to determine what will be adequate coverage?

Here is our insurance checklist that should keep you “On Course” in regards to coverage for the captain and the mates.

  • Contact a local agent that is familiar with writing boat policies. It’s always nice to be able to deal face-to-face, especially in the event you should need to file a claim.
  • Know if your policy will be an “Agreed Value” policy, or will it be “Cash Value”. A cash value policy will depreciate over time, where an “Agreed Value” policy will not change regardless of a boat’s depreciation.
  • Inform your agent of the waters you plan to operate in. Some quotes will limit the range you can travel and you should be aware of those limitations.
  • Typical New England boat policies will cover a boat in the water from April 1st to November 1st knowing there will be a winter “lay-up” period. If you plan on extending your season, make sure your carrier is aware of your longer season.
  • Insurance companies will make boat insurance even more affordable if they are already writing your home and auto policies.
  • Make sure your policy contains provisions for on water coverage.

For more information regarding your insurance needs, call Sue Moyer at Smith Insurance in Niantic. Sue has written hundreds of policies for our customers. Not only are they competitive, their customer service is second to none!

You can contact Sue or any agent at Smith Insurance at 1-800-962-0459 or

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