• Making A Difference January 18th, 2013

    Making A Difference



    In discussing the “How To’s” of writing a Blog, I wanted to make sure I was following the rules as I tend to be very analytical and follow the rules until I can fly on my own. I am a quick study, but for today let’s follow the rules.


    In case you are considering a blog, my instructions from several sources were to keep it small and precise, edit on the fly, and create a community.


    Ah, “Create a Community!” We indeed have done that at Boats Incorporated as it truly is a tight community. So this Blog is about a member of our community making a difference for another member of our community.


    Over the past few years, Joey LaPierre (SLIP 32) has trained and completed the Jim Calhoun Cancer Challenge Ride & Walk.<!> The ride is 75 miles long and benefits the Cancer Center at the UCONN Health Center.



    This year, Joey is riding for another “Member of Our Community” as cancer has once again proven it can strike anyone at anytime. We (Boats Incorporated) as a company and individuals are getting behind Joey on this very important ride. We wanted to provide a link so the rest of the members of “Our Community” can do the same.


    So, on June 8th, don’t look for Joey on the dock as he will be putting on those tight little shorts and riding across Connecticut for a very dear friend and a very valued member of our community.


    Click here to make a donation today. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.