Dear Don,

Congratulations on the launch of your new Boats, Incorporated website! Once again, you have proved that you are willing to make the investments to help your customers have the most up to date information and communication with your team at Boats, Inc. It is this forward thinking attitude that has set you apart from other dealers and keeps you in the lead in delighting your customers.

The updated look and feel of Boats Inc.’s new on-line presence reflects your commitment to quality right in line with our dedication to quality too. The features of your new website show the great products and services offered by Boats Incorporated in its turn-key approach to boat ownership. It also shows what Boats Inc can do to make the Grady Life a reality for our wonderful Grady owners.

The new site also reflects the larger Grady-White family, emphasizing the passion, care and attention to detail that means continued success for both of our companies for many years – and true boating enjoyment for all of our loyal customers!

Once again, we salute Boats Incorporated as one of our most professional and respected dealers, always looking to the future and giving their all to our mutual customers.


Warmest regards,

Kris Carroll


Grady-White Boats, Inc.

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