• Heading Out For Your First Boat Trip This Year? Check Out Our Boat Maintenance Tips Before You Do May 9th, 2013


    The weather is finally starting to cooperate and we know you’re anxious to get out on the water. Before you do, we’ve got some boat maintenance and inspection tips that will help ensure your first day back goes smoothly.


    We also remind you to review your operator’s manual for procedures on how to operate the systems on the boat.


    Gel Coat

    Do not

    • clean gel with bleach or cleaners containing ammonia

    • wax nonskid surfaces


    • remove mold from gel with undiluted vinegar

    • wash gel with mild household detergent

    • bottom paint the hull if boat will be left in water for more than a few days

    • use Grady-White gel touch up kit part # 30-029 for small dings and scratches




    • clean exterior cushions with mild household detergent

    • store or cover exterior cushions when not in use

    • dry-clean or steam clean interior cushion covers if soiled



    Do not

    • clean with petroleum-based or ammonia cleaners

    • fold canvas for storage

    • steam, press or dry fabric in an electric or gas dryer

    • use paste wax on clear vinyl, as it will turn yellow


    • clean clear vinyl with denatured alcohol and use spray wax to protect

    • roll canvas for storage to prevent creasing and cracking

    • clean fabric with mild household detergent

    • lubricate snaps and zippers with E-Z Snap every 3 months

    • apply Apseal or Uniseal to stop leaks in seam holes

    • use water based repellents on fabric like Scotchguard or Uniseal

    • store and secure canvas before trailering

    • dry all canvas before storing to prevent mildew

    • secure the folded top when in the stored position to prevent damage or loss of canvas



    Do not

    • leave waste in holding tank for long periods of time


    • operate head at least once a month

    • open seacock before operating head

    • read owner’s manual on your specific head operating system

    Fresh Water System

    Do not

    • leave water in pumps, lines, filters or tank during cold weather; please bleed or drain lines


    • Flush all fresh water systems with a 10% bleach water solution twice a year

    • Add lemon juice to system periodically to keep things fresh smelling

    • Leave seacocks open during winter storage when stored on land


    Hot Water Heater

    Do not

    • turn on water heater unless it is filled with water to prevent heating element failure


    • turn on water heater switch on accessory switch to activate the heater

    • start generator or connect to dockside power in order to operate this feature