After what seems like a couple of years and a couple of hundred posts and messages with guys on this site as well as others, I want to thank you for your help in my decision making process. Guys like John from Madison, Megabyte, Bryan 2530, Dale H, the Blue water Pirate. I could name fifty guys that helped me out. I finally decided what I did want and started my quest of hunting for a used Parker 2520 with the options that I wanted. I felt that with the boat market the way it has been it would be easy to find a used Parker with low hours and the options I felt I needed. After months of hunting and not finding the used Parker I wanted. I started looking at new Parkers. I had been in to see the guys at Boats Inc. in Niantic several times and even though they knew I was looking for a used boat they were very helpful . One afternoon while stopping by boats Inc. , you would think it was five minutes from my house I spent so much time there, when actually it is over an hour from home. I snuck into the showroom hoping to have that 2520xl all to myself so I could further my dreaming. As I turned the corner another avid fisherman was climbing all over my rig looking in compartments and kicking her tires. Who would of known that we would be sea trialing boats together and grilling every dealership on the east coast for the next few weeks. To make a long story short my new friend and fishing buddy Emilio purchased that 2520xl in the showroom and I purchased a 2520xld that had to be ordered. My boat hit the water on the 20th of March and will be kept in the marina at Boats Inc. first let me make clear the fact that I am in no way endorsing Parker or Boats Inc. I could have just as easily purchase another brand from another dealership but after a long decision making process I came to the conclusion that Parker was the boat and Boats Inc. was the dealership for me. I am not an easy guy to please and I don’t mind spending good money for a good product and for good service. but I will be the first one to call you out on something if you don’t do what you say and keep your word. Everyone makes mistakes or has a bad day; it’s what you do after that, that counts. From my decision making process to the delivery, Boats Inc. has been a class act. I’de like to publicly acknowledge and thank them. Mark Davies could not of been more helpful and continues to spend countless hours long after the sale. Don McKenzie could not of been more genuine and although a tough negotiator is honest and fair. The rest of the staff, Tammy, Zack, Jason, Danny, Matt, Steve, Jimmie, Dana, Mike with True-North and anyone else that I missed were excellent and it was a pleasure to deal with every single one of them. I know this sounds like and endorsement of Boats inc. but it’s not. It’s just a regular guy that is tired of bitching about the shoddy service and lack of integrity in most company’s out there and wants to give credit where credit is due. I’m elated to be on the dock at Boats Inc. and even more excited to be out on the end in Parker Skid Row with Donnie, Mike and the Gang. hopefully I can learn a few tricks from those sharpies. If I happen to bump into you (literally) out on some rock pile, please excuse me, I’m still getting used to her..just Hale Reelin’ and Dealin’ out of Boats Inc, Niantic, Ct. Even if there aren’t any fish in the box, there will always be a cold Coors light for you.


Doug Mineo

Dear Mark,

This purpose of this letter is to thank you for all the help you have provided during the process of trading our Parker 1801cc toward the purchase of the 2520xld.  Although I started the process with Don and continued to communicate with him throughout the process, you were added into the mix and made the process even better.  Both of you answered our questions and guided us towards a successful purchase of the new boat.

The selection of the electronics; Garmin unit and accessories, the stereo, VHF radio, anchor and windless; was a huge help.  These items would have required hours of research in order to try and make appropriate selections that may not have worked out as well.  Your experience made this process a pleasure and even though we are just starting, I believe the electronics will work well for us.  These selections may have been Don’s or yours.  Regardless, we appreciate the help immensely.

The delivery process was very complete and at times intense, (lots of information).  You are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the boat, motor, electronics, safety equipment and procedures.  The amount of time and effort you put into this procedure, both on the boat and in the office was very much appreciated.  In addition, the way in which you communicated with my son Chris and tolerated me was awesome.

Others at Boats Inc. (Peter, Zach, Tammy, Jeep and other people who work there, but I do not know their names) have all represented your business in ways you should be proud of.  Having worked most of my life with other people, I can appreciate what a team you have.  Not one time did I ever hear anything negative from an employee.  Every time I talked with an employee, they took the time to speak with me.  (Very friendly and informative!)

I did complete and mail the survey.  I gave you the highest numbers I could, all 4’s and 10’s, (Just testing your sense of humor).  Don will receive a great survey and I did fill this out truthfully.  Thank you.
Lastly, I am sure we will have questions going forward and will probably be looking for additional assistance / guidance with things like mounting the boarding ladder, installing the fire extinguisher bracket, shore power (with battery charger) and other things I cannot think of at the moment.  We look forward to enjoying the boat and the experience being at Boats Inc. as well as dealing with you and others on staff.  Thanks again Mark.


George F. Morgan


Dear Don,

Congratulations on the launch of your new Boats, Incorporated website!  Once again, you have proved that you are willing to make the investments to help your customers have the most up to date information and communication with your team at Boats, Inc.  It is this forward thinking attitude that has set you apart from other dealers and keeps you in the lead in delighting your customers.

The updated look and feel of Boats Inc.’s new on-line presence reflects your commitment to quality right in line with our dedication to quality too.  The features of your new website show the great products and services offered by Boats Incorporated in its turn-key approach to boat ownership.  It also shows what Boats Inc can do to make the Grady Life a reality for our wonderful Grady owners.

The new site also reflects the larger Grady-White family, emphasizing the passion, care and attention to detail that means continued success for both of our companies for many years – and true boating enjoyment for all of our loyal customers!

Once again, we salute Boats Incorporated as one of our most professional and respected dealers, always looking to the future and giving their all to our mutual customers.


Warmest regards,

Kris Carroll


Grady-White Boats, Inc.


Dear Don:

A few thoughts I would like to share with you. My entire experience from the initial inquiry into the purchase of a new Grady White a few years ago through the recent sale has been an exceptional one. Anyone who knows boats or does their homework knows that Grady White and Yamaha are manufacturers of premium products, so the quality of the partners aligned with Boats Inc. was never a concern. We knew our family would enjoy every minute of our time on the water with the comfort of knowing we had made the right choice.

However, what we did not know was much about Boats Inc. before we made our purchase. We know full well that the people we do business with are at least as important as the products. Looking back we know that the time spent with Mark, Sean and yourself was part of the decision to purchase, and we were never disappointed.

We sometimes fail to recognize that the people we do business with are really what makes the difference, and I have to tell you that the Boats Inc. team is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and customer orientated organizations I have had the pleasure of doing business with.

Boats Inc. and the entire team epitomizes what we all expect but seldom, if ever, experience. Whether it was working with you, Mark, Sean or Zack on the Sales team or Peter in service on every occasion it is more like working with friends, and although I always new I was a customer I was never treated as “just a customer” .

Boats Inc. is a company who has partnered with premium vendors providing exceptional customer service in delivering the best possible boating experience.

I want to thank you and the Boats Inc. team for all you have done for / with me and I hope our families next venture into the world of boating brings us back together.




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